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(Everybody Wants You, continued by geg...)

You are powerless. You can’t stop it. You don’t want to stop it. You let out a soft moan and close your eyes when grandpa pushes his dick inside your swollen lips. He slowly goes back and forth, leans over you, brushes your hair aside and places kisses on the back of your neck.

The table is not really comfortable to have sex on, but at this point this is last thing you care about. His slow, gentle rhythm. The kisses on your back. His hand caressing your butt. You are in heaven. You feel your orgasm building.

“Cum inside me,” you try to tell him, but only mumbling comes out of your mouth. You can barely talk.

“What is it, honey?” he whispers into your ear, stopping the kisses.

You get all your strength together to be able to say a coherent sentence. “Please cum inside me, grandpa, I need it.”

You feel him rising up, and he places his hands on your hips. He increases his speed, now fucking you faster and harder.

“Ooooooh my goddd!” You only need a few seconds to cum. “Don’t. Stop. Grandpa,” you tell him, taking heavy breaths after each word. The only thing you want this moment is his cum inside you.

“Are you su..”

“Yes I’m sure, grandpa,” you yell impatiently.

At this second he releases his cum inside you. This is the only thing you could think of since last night. It finally happened and it’s better than you imagined. You can’t move, can barely speak, feel his hot cum inside you, some of it dripping down you thighs. You are happy.

You just lie on the table for you have no idea how long, and you hear grandpa panting heavily, probably sitting in the chair behind you.

After what it feels like hours, you hear him get up. “Where are you going?”

“I have to get cleaned up, my dear Emma.”

“I’ll go with you.” You are still so weak, it surprises you that you are able to get up on your second attempt. Your legs feel wobbly but you somehow follow him into the bathroom.

You both get into the shower. The hot water feels great, and you take turns washing each other. Your grandfather’s touch feels so nice, it’s so gentle you can feel how much he cares about you. The washing slowly turns into kissing, which turns into groping each other’s body all over.

You are kissing him and playing with his balls when you feel his dick starting to grow. You stroke it up and down tenderly for a bit. When he is hard enough, you turn around, lean forward and offer up your pussy. The damage has been done and you are probably pregnant already, why not let him keep cumming inside you.

He immediately places one hand on you back, one on your hips and pushes himself inside. This time he goes faster and both of you cum quickly.

After the shower, you go to look for something to wear, but all you can find is either sexy dresses or old lady clothes. You go back to the bathroom for the black dress you wore today and yesterday. It’s where you left it, dropped on the floor when you got in the shower. You pick it up and you see that it’s torn on the side and has a huge wet spot where grandpa’s dick touched your belly. You feel bad for ruining your grandma’s dress, still you can’t help but smile, since it reminds of the best orgasm you’ve ever had. You go back to the room and put on the red lacy panties you bought yesterday. You go through your grandpa’s drawers and find a white shirt with his favorite sports teams logo on the front. That’ll do until there is something better.

Your grandpa is sitting on the sofa in the living room. You sit next to him and lay your head on his shoulder.

“What are you watching?”

“I’d like to ask you something, Emma” he says sheepishly, not even acknowledging your question.

“Come on grandpa, I think we are at a point when you can ask me anything.”

“One of my friends has a birthday party tonight. I was wondering if you would like to come… as my girlfriend.”