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(Everybody Wants You, continued by geg...)

“No, grandpa, I didn’t take my pill this morning!” You can hardly squeeze the words out, but you have to stop him.

He’s not moving, the tip of his dick still touching your pussy.

“Please, just fuck my ass instead,” you ask desperately.

You’ve never had anything up there before, but this is the only thing you can think of that could save you from getting pregnant. Besides, at this moment you are perfectly okay with your grandfather taking your anal virginity. He will take care of you.

The next few seconds feel like eternity. He is clearly pondering what to do. Probably he wants to cum inside you as much as you do. You are exhausted and he’s physically stronger than you anyways. If he wants to fuck your pussy, he will. You are completely at his mercy.

Finally, he moves back and his dick is not touching your pussy anymore. His slides his right hand from your hips and slips two fingers inside your pussy. Is he gonna finger-fuck you, you ask yourself, but he quickly pulls them out and lubes up your butthole with your juices. He repeats this move a couple of times, until you are wet enough. You shiver every time he touches your hole.

“Is this your first time, my Emma?”

“Yes, grandpa.”

“In that case, we’ll start slow honey. I’ll be gentle.”

“Thanks grandpa, you’re always gentle.”

He kisses your butt and slowly pushes a finger inside you. It feels weird and hurts a little, but you like it. You get used to the feeling very quickly, and you ask him for more. You let out a loud moan as his second finger forces its way inside. More pleasure comes with more pain. He fucks you like this for a few minutes until he sees you feel comfortable.

“Are you ready, my dear?” he asks and pulls out his fingers.

Before this second, weren’t sure if you’d say yes to this question or not, but now with his finger out, you need more.

“Yes, grandpa, I want it.”

You haven’t even finished your sentence when you feel his dick already trying to get inside your butt. He slowly pushes the tip in, and keeps going deeper. It hurts like hell. You are clutching the side of the table with your hands. You didn’t expect his dick to be so much bigger than his fingers. He must be about halfway in, but you just can’t take it anymore.

“God noooo!” you scream in pain and your grandpa immediately pulls out.

“Honey, are you okay?” He sounds worried.

You turn your head and look into his eyes. “It hurts so much but I love it, please keep going!”

He spreads your cheeks and pushes himself back inside. He’s being more careful than before. Your eyes start watering and you whimper as he goes in further than before. He keeps going and soon you feel his body touching yours. He’s in. He’s fully in. It hurts even more, but you won’t stop him. This is the best pain you’ve ever had. He starts fucking you. With each thrust he gets faster. You don’t care about the pain anymore. In fact, you enjoy it.

Your grandfather is fucking you hard now, his body slamming against yours, yours slamming against the table. You are close.

“I’m about to c…”

You can’t even finish before the pleasure hits your body. Your grandpa keeps fucking as you shake from the orgasm.

“Ooooooooh yesssss!” you cry out.

Your body is done, your ass hurts a lot, you are not sure how much longer can you take it. Luckily, your orgasm seems to have sent grandpa over the edge.

“Oh, Emma,” he whispers, then shoots his cum inside your ass.

He lies on top of you, catching his breath.

“Please pull it out, it still hurts.”

“I’m so sorry honey, are you all right?” he asks while carefully taking his dick out of your ass.

He helps you up from the table and you see a broken glass, a broken plate and some leftover omelette on the floor. You didn’t even realize when that happened.

You turn around, he places a kiss on your forehead and you answer.

“Never better, grandpa.”

You hug each other and you wonder what to do next. The danger of getting pregnant is real. You should probably avoid your grandpa. At least until you can get some pills. Can you do it?