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(Everybody Wants You, continued by geg...)

You help him quickly do the dishes, then grab his arm, lead him into the living room and tell him to sit on the sofa.

“My friend Claudia is coming over, we have to get rid of this boner before she arrives,” you tell him, while getting his rock-hard dick out of his pants.

You start jerking him up and down and play with his balls.

“Look, grandpa. She can’t know what happened. Don’t tell her anything about last night or this morning,” you ask, placing soft kisses on his dick between your sentences.

“We’ll just tell her we watched some TV and went to sleep. Separately.” You can see pre cum leaking on the tip so you lap it up.

“Also, please try not to get hard while she-”


You look up and see Claudia screaming.

“I’m so sorry Emma! No one answered the door I didn’t know…”

You’ve never been so embarrassed in your entire life. It’s one thing to be caught giving a hand job to anyone. But when he’s an old man, and that old man is your grandfather…

You rush over to her. “Claudia, it’s not what it looks like… okay just please don’t tell anyone!”

“You know I always keep your secrets, Emma.”

“I know, I know. I need to tell you something, come on.” But there is nothing to tell, you just feel awkward standing there with your grandfather’s dick out in the open.

“Are you gonna just leave him like that…?”

“I mean…”

“Someone’s gonna have to take care of that.”

“I thought he could…”

“That’s just cruel. So will you do it, or do I have to?”

This isn’t like Claudia at all, for some reason she really wants to see you pleasuring your grandpa.

“Okay I’ll do it.” You’ve never been selfish, but you can’t let Claudia take his cum. That’s your grandpa, you should have it.

You walk back to the sofa kneel before him, and continue to stroke his penis. Claudia sits next to him, and places her hand on his thigh, dangerously close to his dick.

“Hello, sir!”

“Nice to meet you Claudia, you are a very nice young woman. If it was up to your friend, she would have left me like this. And I think we’ve gotten close enough in these couple of minutes that you can call me Grandpa too!”

You start to feel a little jealous. Is he now flirting with Claudia? You have to show him that you are better. The hand job just got upgraded to a blow job. You start kissing, licking the tip of his penis, then try to swallow him whole. You can barely take it, it reaches your throat, but you won’t stop. They are still flirting. You close your eyes and keep going up and down, gagging on his dick.

“What a good girl” says Claudia.

“She gives the best blowjobs,” adds your grandpa.

You are so proud of yourself, you even let out a little smile while choking on his cock. You keep sucking and soon you feel him shooting his cum inside your mouth. You swallow everything before you proudly look up to your grandpa.

You never expected to see this when you opened your eyes. You were concentrating on him so much, you didn’t even realize what was happening. Claudia and your grandpa are kissing intensely, and he’s fingering your friend, who’s sitting beside him in nothing but the blue lace bikini panties she bought yesterday.