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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Tms...)

You grab Claudia’s hand and lead her upstairs, straight into her room. Then you slowly lay her down on her bed and start to strip her. First you try that sexy dress of hers…

She grabs your hand. “What the fuck are you doing” she screams.

“Giving you your fantasy,” you whisper erotically. At that moment you see her blue lacy panties get even more soaked.

You pull off Claudia’s dress and immediately start sucking her through her panties. She begins to quake. After three minutes she cums hard on your face.

Not giving you long to recover…

She then strips your clothes off and gets to work on you. You are so wet already it’s hard to tell what’s new but you keep on trembling with pleasure.

You go to her bedside drawer and get a strap on that you know Claudia has had for years. You jump on her and start pumping, until you both have the best orgasm of your lives.