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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

You continue to bob your head forward, your tongue wiggling side to side on the underside of your dad’s cock. You can feel your daddy’s dick throbbing and twitching in your mouth, which only leads you to speed up.

“I’m cumming sweetheart!” your dad exclaims as you feel his sperm explode into your mouth.

You moan as you feel his hot sticky cum pour onto your tongue. You feel some of it squirt down your throat. There’s so much, but somehow you manage to keep it all in your mouth. As your Dad’s groaning gets quieter, you squeeze the rest of his cum into your mouth then pull away from his dick.

You open your mouth to show your daddy the huge load he left inside your mouth. Then you close your mouth and swallow all of your daddy’s yummy cum. You open your mouth one last time to show that you swallowed everything.

“Your cum is yummy daddy!” you exclaim with a smile.