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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

As you consider what to do, your father gets sick of waiting and pulls you down, shoving his dick deep inside you.

“Oh my god!” you exclaim as your daddy begins to thrust up into you. You’ve never had a dick this big inside you and because of that your father’s huge cock is erasing all thoughts from your mind and replacing them with incomprehensible pleasure.

“Oh, honey you are so tight!” your father moans as you now begin to bounce up and down on his hard cock, your hips meeting his as he thrusts up into you.

“Daddy, you’re so big, please don’t stop!” you exclaim before pressing your lips against your father’s. The kiss is wet and sloppy, as you both suck on each other’s tongues, mixing the saliva of father and daughter.

Then your father grabs your hips and stands up, his dick still inside you as he carries you over to the table. He slowly and gently lays you down on the table before grabbing your waist and continuing his powerful thrusting. This position is making his dick rub against that spot every time he thrusts and it is driving you crazy.

“Daddy… more… more… please… I- I’m gonna cum Daddy!” you moan as your daddy picks up the speed.

“Me too baby girl… Where do you want me to cum?” he asks.