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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

“Okay then, sit down,” you say as you grab a chair from the corner of the room. Your brother does exactly as you say and sits down in the chair with his rock-hard erection sticking straight up.

“I’ll strip for you, but you can’t touch me unless I tell you to. If you touch me without my permission I’ll leave,” you tell your brother.

“What if I follow your orders perfectly, what do I get then?” he asks you. You know that you need to give him something to work towards, and that dick sure looks nice.

“How about we make it a point system, every time you touch me without my permission, you earn a point,” you explain. “If you make it to the end with zero points, I’ll let you do anything to me, if you make it with one point, I’ll suck you off and I’ll let you fuck me. If you make it with two points, I’ll only suck you off, and if you make it with anything more than two, then you will get a handjob and that’s it, got it?”

Your brother seems to be feeling rather impatient but nods and looks determined to get that final prize.