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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

You are so shocked by the sudden groping that you do nothing as Mister Perkins continues to squeeze and rub your breasts through your shirt.

You moan at the feeling of Mister Perkins rubbing your tits. You bite your lower lip as he begins to run his hands underneath your shirt. You begin to breathe heavily as his hands trail up your belly, until finally his old hands reach your perky tits.

“No bra today my dear?” Mister Perkins asks as he begins to squeeze your breasts under your shirt.

“I- I didn’t… I wanted…” You try to form a sentence but what the old man is doing to your boobs feels way too good. He begins to walk forward as his hands continue to play with your breasts, forcing you to walk in the direction he wants you to. Before you realize it, Mister Perkins now has you inside his bedroom and is now pulling off your shirt, revealing your naked torso.

Mister Perkins leans forward and begins to suck on your breasts as his hands trail down to your skirt. Your moaning gets louder as Mister Perkins begins to squeeze your ass under your skirt.

“Mister… Perkins,” you moan, realizing this is completely wrong but feels so completely right. Your moaning of his name makes the old man smile as he takes his lips off your breasts, and slides your dress down your legs. His hands pull at the sides of your panties and soon your underwear falls to the ground.

Mister Perkins moves his right hand to your clit, rubbing it with his middle finger, as his left hand goes back to squeezing your ass.

“Turn around dear,” the old man orders. You do as he asks and turn away, your ass now facing him.

Suddenly, you feel his tongue run up your pussy as he is now on his knees, beginning to eat you out. It feels so good as his hands wrap around your legs and keep you from moving away as his tongue slips between your pussy lips.

“Ahhhh,” you moan as your legs shake at the feeling of the old man’s tongue digging around in your tight hole. Suddenly the sensation stops as the old man stands up and turns you around.

“It’s your turn dear,” Mister Perkins says as he grins.

You drop to your knees and grab the robe the old man is wearing and open it up to see a tent formed in his boxers. You pull down his underwear as his hard cock springs up and lightly slaps you in the face. You shy away a little bit, looking at his huge cock before deciding you might as well go all the way.

You look up at Mister Perkins as he watches you. He places his right hand on the back of your head and lightly pulls you in towards his penis. You keep your eyes on his as you open up your mouth to accept his hard cock. You soon feel his hard, warm member inside your mouth and begin to bob your head back and forth, wiggling your tongue side to side on the underside of his dick.

“That’s it my dear,” Mister Perkins groans as you give him a blowjob. Your last blowjob was terrible but you’ve learned from your mistakes. After a couple minutes Mister Perkins pulls away from you and gestures for you to stand up.

“Turn around and bend over on my bed,” he orders you. You follow his demands and as you do so you can feel his hands on your waist.

“I won’t last long, but I will fuck your brains out, Emma my dear,” the old man says as he penetrates your tight hole from behind. You yelp out as he begins to thrust hard into your cunt. His dick rubbing against that spot with every thrust, you begin to lose all thoughts.

As the old man said he doesn’t last long. You can feel his grip on you tighten, signaling his oncoming release. You feel your climax approaching as well, knowing it’s wrong to let him cum inside of you, but you just can’t say no.

“Here I come!” Mister Perkins groans as you feel his warm semen flood into your insides, painting your walls white. You sigh as your climax is spurred on by the sudden flood of warmth in your pussy, and you suddenly begin screaming as you cum as well.