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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

As you look around at your situation, you figure why not, and just let your surrounding passengers do with you as they please.

Suddenly, you feel the man behind you replace his fingers with his hard dick as he thrusts his cock into your pussy. You moan as you watch the two guys in front of you walk close enough for you to touch their dicks. You don’t reach for them but instead they both lead your hands to their dicks, forcing you to rub them. You turn to the man on the right’s dick and begin sucking on it.

You moan as the man’s dick is thrust down your throat, while the man behind you begins thrusting harder. You move over to the man on the left and begin sucking his cock, knowing that he will need some attention. You can hear him groan as your mouth covers his rod and begins to move back and forth. Soon you feel the man behind you thrust hard as he buries his dick in you and cums deep inside. You moan on the man on the left’s dick as you feel the warmth of the other man’s cum flow into your insides. Your blowjob skills have apparently improved a lot, because as the man behind you pulls out you can feel the man on the left explode into your mouth, shooting his warm salty load onto your tongue. You swallow quickly and get to sucking off the man on the right as another man grabs your hips from behind and thrusts into you fucking you hard.

You can feel the new guy is much bigger than the last one, and his dick feels amazing as it thrusts in and out. Soon the man on the right grabs your head and begins thrusting fast into your throat, and just like the man before, buries his dick into you as he cums down your throat. You gag and sputter a bit but swallow quickly, as your next man is walking towards you as the previous one sits down to regain his breath.