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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

You begin dancing for your brother, swinging your hips back and forth, wiggling your butt, squeezing your own breasts. You place your bottom on his lap, his hard dick rubbing against your panties.

“You can put your hands on my hips,” you say. Your brother does exactly that, his hands wrapping around your sides, squeezing you tighter every time you grind your ass against his dick. After rubbing him with your butt a little bit you get off your brother and step out of his reach. His hands return to the sides of the chair as you bend over, your skirt now unable to hide the sight of your panties.

You begin to pull off your skirt, still bent over. As you remove your skirt you can see your brother’s dick twitching. You begin to remove your panties as well now, showing your pussy as you spread your cheeks and give him a good view.

You straighten out and turn around as you begin to pull your shirt off. You keep it close to your body so, as you pull it up, your breasts get pulled up as well. You keep pulling your shirt up, finally allowing your tits to drop as you pull the shirt over your head.

Now completely naked you look down at your brother, whose jaw is dropped and his dick could not be harder.

“What do you think bro?” you ask him.

“Oh my god, you are so hot, sis,” he groans, his hands clenched on the arms of the chair.

“Well I guess that is zero points bro, so what do you want to do to me?” you ask as you put on a sexy smile. Your brother’s dick will be the biggest you will ever have, and it is making your mouth water.

“Emma, I can’t wait,” your brother says as he stands up and pushes you onto the bed. “We are gonna fuck, all day and all night, you aren’t gonna be able to walk when I’m done with you!” he says with a sexy smile as he sits on his knees between your legs. He places his tip at your tight entrance.

“Do it, fuck me!” you moan as you feel your pussy getting poked at with his hard dick. You know your brother is going to fuck you every which way he can, and you haven’t been more excited for anything in your life.

Suddenly you feel your brother thrusting his hips forward as he falls onto his hands, his face hovering just above yours, burying his shaft deep inside you.

“Sis, you’re so tight,” your brother moans as he begins to pull back then thrust back in. You can feel his tip rub against your g-spot with every thrust, forcing you to moan at the top of your lungs. Your brother speeds up, thrusting into you hard, the sounds of his dick pushing in and out of your soaking wet pussy filling the room and maybe even the house. In fact the only thing louder than those sounds are you and your brother’s moans as he continuously nails you into his bed.

As your brother continues thrusting into your tight hole, you can feel your first orgasm of many approaching quickly.

“Bro, I’m gonna cum… don’t stop,” you moan as he keeps up his thrusts, pushing you further, and further, and further.

Your pussy suddenly clenches onto your brother’s dick as you cum onto his hard cock. You exhale and inhale quicker than ever as you feel him speeding up instead of stopping.

While your first orgasm is still just dying down you can already feel a second one coming fast.

“I’m gonna cum!” your brother moans as he speeds up again, and begins to groan loudly, obviously trying to hold it as long as possible. You can’t possibly even speak at this point — your breathing and moaning overtaking all energy you have. You feel your brother’s thrusting slow down but pick up power, as he begins thrusting into you hard, the sounds of your skin smacking together suddenly much louder than before.

“Fuck… I’m cumming!” he shouts as he buries his dick into you one last time as he explodes into you. You can feel his hot sperm flowing into you, and it helps push you over the edge one last time as you cum on his cock. You dig your fingers into his back as his cum fills you up. After he finishes squirting the last of his semen into you, your brother pulls himself out and falls back on the bed, his dick still hard. You watch his chest fall and rise, as he recovers his breath. You can feel his huge load, pouring out of your pussy, covering his bed sheets in his sperm.

“Clean my cock with your mouth,” you hear your brother order as he lies on his back, still breathing heavier than normal. You do as he says and lie on your stomach, between his legs, your face only inches away from his dick.

You lick straight up the underside of his dick, tasting your own pussy mixed with his cum, as you slowly taste his hard cock. Your last blowjob was pretty terrible so you know you have to really nail this one.

You wrap your lips and tongue around your brother’s tip as you slowly lower yourself down. You feel his hand on the back of your head and you can feel him pushing you lower, his cock pushing further than you ever thought you could take. Soon his entire length is down your throat and he groans, holding you there. He begins to pull your head up and down face fucking you as he watches your sexy mouth wrapped around him.

“You like that flavor, my slutty sister?” he asks as he lets you go.

You pull his dick out of your mouth with a pop. “It’s the best bro!” you exclaim, telling him the truth.

“Good, cause there is much more where that came from,” he says with a smile. You smile back as you sit up on your knees and think about what to do next.