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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

The next man gets in front of you and gestures for you to take off his pants. You do as he wishes and watch his average-sized dick flop out, fully erect. The man grabs your head and begins fucking your mouth fast and hard. Meanwhile you feel the man in your pussy shove his huge cock inside you one more time as he explodes inside you, filling you up with more cum.

The man pulls out of you as you watch the first guy you gave a blowjob too walk behind you, his dick already hard again. You expect to feel the man shove his cock in your pussy but instead you suddenly feel his hard warm tip pressing against your asshole.

You’ve never had anal before so you begin to get nervous, and excited. Suddenly everybody jolts forward as the bus stops, which causes the man if front of you to shove his cock down your throat as he begins to cum, and causes the man behind you to force his cock balls-deep. You would scream but the cock in your throat is preventing that, but tears begin to well up in your eyes.

The man in front of you pulls his cock out of your mouth, causing some of his cum to splatter onto your chin. You now begin screaming as the man behind you begins to thrust in and out of you.

“Her ass is so tight!” you can hear from behind you. You scream as your mind is mixed with both pleasure and pain as this man fucks your tight asshole. You suddenly hear him groan as he starts cumming in your ass. He pulls out leaving no one to hold you up and your legs collapse from underneath you, as you fall to the ground, cum dripping out of your mouth, ass and pussy.