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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

You begin dancing for your brother, swinging your hips back and forth, wiggling your butt, squeezing your own breasts. You place your ass on his lap, his hard dick rubbing against your panties.

You feel his warm hand on your right hip and hear him whisper just loud enough for you to hear. “Emma, I can’t… I can’t wait!” Suddenly both hands are on your hips.

“Hey br-” You get cut off as your brother stands up and pushes you hard into his bed. You squeal as your legs buckle and you fall face first into the mattress. As you lie on your stomach still dazed, you suddenly feel your panties get yanked down your legs.

“Bro, wait hold on-” you begin as your brother begins positioning himself above you. You suddenly get interrupted by your own gasping as you feel your brother thrust into your pussy hard and fast.

“Ahhhh!” you scream as your brother begins fucking you hard, his long cock poking at your womb with every thrust.