Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

“Sis, I wanna fuck you,” your brother moans as you grip his rock-hard dick through his jeans. It is so big and, you know, he is kinda cute. Lost in lust, you decide, “what could go wrong?”

You give your brother one more squeeze, before you begin to unzip his jeans. He watches as you unzip them, then undo the button. He lifts his body as you pull his jeans down his legs until they fall on the floor, leaving your brother in his boxers.

You throw your leg over his hips, straddling him as you place your butt on his lap, his huge hard dick pressing against your panties.

“Emma, you are so sexy,” your brother moans as you grind your hips against him, and lean down towards his face, placing your lips on his. He kisses you back, very passionately, as his hands wrap around and grab your ass, as he begins rubbing and squeezing your cheeks. You moan as his hands make their way up, bunching up your shirt as he continues to move them up. He pulls your shirt all the way off, revealing your perky breasts. He leans in to suck on your tits, as you continue to grind into his lap.

After he sucks on your tits a little bit you suddenly get sick of waiting. You raise your hips up higher, disconnecting your brother from your tits, as you grip his boxers and yank them down until they are low enough for your brother to kick off. You look at your brother’s hard dick, standing straight up at attention, ready to go. You pull your skirt up and over your head as you throw it to the ground, then pull off your panties. After you throw the last of your clothes onto the floor you place yourself back on your brother’s lap.

“Ready, bro?” you ask him as he breathes heavily.

“Ready,” your brother confirms. The second you hear that you already begin placing his tip at your entrance. You rub it around your wet pussy a little, then begin lowering down on his massive cock. Both you and your brother gasp then sigh at the feeling of the sudden penetration, as you lower all the way down.

“Oh god, you are so big bro,” you moan.

“And you are so tight, sis,” your brother responds.

You begin moving, your hips pulling you all the way up, until only the tip is inside you, then you lower yourself back down, his cock buried back in your pussy. You continue moving this way slowly, as your brother places his hands on your hips.

“Faster,” your brother orders. You gladly comply as you begin moving your hips up and down at double, triple your previous speed, his tip poking into your womb every time you lower yourself down onto him. Your brother now begins thrusting his hips up to meet you every time, now pushing his cock into you deeper, harder.

You moan loud as you continue riding your brother. He suddenly interrupts you, pushing you onto your back as he pulls out and positions himself above you quickly. Without waiting he thrusts himself into you and begins fucking you even harder and faster than before. You can feel an orgasm approaching for both of you, each moaning louder than before.

Suddenly your brother reminds you of something you hadn’t thought about. “Where do you want me to cum?” he moans as he begins picking up speed.

You think about letting him cum inside you. It would be your first ever cream-pie, and you have been on the pill since you were planning to fuck someone. On the other hand you could have him cum on your tits, or have him cum on your face, or in your mouth, there are a lot of options and you better decide fast because your brother’s thrusting is only speeding up, signaling his oncoming release.