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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

You moan as the man begins to insert another finger in your pussy. You are so overcome with lust that you decide to go all the way and more. You look at the lady as you both moan and you smile at her. You turn around, pulling the man’s fingers out of you and drop to your knees. You assist him with getting his pants off, revealing his rock-hard dick. You gesture for the lady to join you, and begin sucking the man’s dick.

As you lick and suck, the woman drops to her knees on the other side of the man’s dick, and also begins to suck on it. You both lick up and down his shaft mixing saliva as he moans, obviously in pure heaven.

After some time he puts his hand on your face and says, “I’m going to fuck you hard.” He begins to back up towards the bench that is behind him and sits down gesturing for you. You straddle his lap, and immediately begin riding him. You can feel the lady behind you now on her knees, licking your pussy and the man’s dick as you bounce up and down on his shaft.

After a few minutes of this the man pulls you down, holding you in place as he cums inside you. The lady begins to lick up the cum that leaks from your pussy.