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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

You climb off your dad, a mix of your dad’s and your own cum dripping out of your wet folds and running down you leg. You give your mom a seductive look and say, “Why don’t you lend us a hand mommy, daddy’s still hard and I’ve been such a bad girl, I think I need to be punished.”

Your mom practically leaps at you and you kneel down on the ground and take your dad’s cock in your hands. Your hands barely fit around it and you can feel it pulsing. You start to pump it up and down in your hands as your mom scoots over and lies down under you with her head right between your legs.

“Fuck, yes, just like that mommy,” you cry out as she swirls her tongue over your clit and bites down softly. You start to suck on your dad’s long shaft, your head bobbing up and down.

“Mmmm, Emma, you bad girl, where did you learn to suck like that?” your dad asks.

You suck faster, your mouth making squelching sounds as it bobs up and down on his thick cock.

“Emma, you naughty slut!” your mother says, spanking you hard on the ass with her free hand, causing you to cry out, vibrating your dad’s dick.

“Fuck, yes!” you moan around your dads cock. “Spank me harder mommy, I’ve been such a dirty slut!”

You bob up and down faster as your mother increases the pace of her licking, adding a few fingers and rubbing your clit.

“Ugghh, I’m going to cum!” your dad shouts.

“Me, too!” you manage to get out around his cock.

You feel your dad’s cock twitch and hot cum shoots out of the tip and down your throat, and in the same instant you hit your climax, squirting your pussy juices out all over your mom’s face. You try to swallow as much cum as you can but it just keeps coming and it spills out of your mouth and onto your dad’s balls.