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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

You creep along the hallway to your parents’ bedroom. You can already hear moaning coming from the crack between the door and frame. You silently ease open the door and see your mum and dad on the bed, him pounding away at her wet folds. Your mum looks up and sees you standing in the doorway, your hands in your pants rubbing yourself.

“Hello, Emma dear, care to join us?” she says seductively. Your dad seems to have forgotten about earlier and is now staring at your cleavage hungrily. You walk towards them and sit down on the bed as your dad pulls his dick out of your mum. She undresses you and your dad lies down on the bed, his rock-hard cock pointing up in the air. You know what he wants and you’re happy to oblige.

You crawl over to him and position yourself above him, reverse-cowgirl style. He teases your slit with his big cock head and you moan with pleasure. Then, suddenly, he grabs your hips and slams you down onto his huge dick, and you scream out in pleasure. You start bouncing up and down on him, his stiff member sliding in and out of your soaking wet pussy. Your mum stands up on the bed and positions her vagina over your face.

“Get to licking, slut,” she commands. She grabs the back of your head and shoves your face into her wet snatch. You stick your tongue out and start licking her folds furiously.

“Mmmm, just like that Emma!” your mother moans loudly. “Lick your mummy’s slick vagina.”

You feel your dad’s hands creep up behind you to fondle your breasts. He gives them a hard squeeze and you bite down on your lip as you moan. You bob up and down faster on your dad’s thick cock and lick your mum’s wet folds faster. You add a finger and rub her clit with your other hand.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!” your dad cries out.

“Me, too!” your mother moans.

“L-let’s all c-cum tog-g-gether,” you manage to pant. Your climax hits and your tight wet walls clamp down over your daddy’s huge cock.

You scream with pleasure and yell out, “cum in me daddy!”

His cock twitches inside your wet pussy and hot cum blasts out of the tip, shooting deep down into your pussy. Your mum shrieks as she hits her climax and cum squirts out all over your face and in your mouth. Your dad pulls put of you, leaving you with an empty feeling in your wet core. A mixture of your dad’s and your cum leaks out of your pussy and pools on his belly.

You are absolutely satisfied with what was probably the most intense orgasm you ever experienced but you still want more. Maybe you should try anal…