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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

You get off your dad and kneel over doggy-style. Your dad kneels behind you and positions his huge cock at your asshole as your mom lies down on her back in front of you. Your dad slowly begins to inch into you, his huge cock stretching and filling your tightest hole. Dan never wanted to do anal with you so you still had your anal virginity.

Your mom grabs the back of your head and shoves it down into her sopping wet folds for the second time this morning. You immediately begin licking and probing her slit with your tongue, drawing out moans from your mom. Your dad is now fully inside you and he begins to slide in and out, his long shaft lubricated by your pussy juices.

“Fuck me daddy!” you moan into your mother’s vagina. “Yeah, just like that.”

Your dad pumps in and out of you faster and faster making smacking sounds as his hips slap your ass. Your mom moans out loudly as you find her g-spot and then lightly bite down on her clit.

Your dad smacks your ass, making you bite your lip and yell loudly, “fuck yes, spank me daddy!”

He does so a few more times. Your hand snakes down between your legs and you begin to rub your pussy and pinch your clit furiously. Your mom also begins to rub her clit as you continue to lick her juicy pussy. You can feel yourself drawing close to your second climax of the morning and you scream in pleasure as it hits.

“I’m cuummiiiinng!” you shriek as your pussy convulses and warm juices squirt out all over your dad.

Without warning your dad suddenly cums in your ass, hot semen filling you up and then blasting back out around his cock as it runs out of room. You can feel it inside you, warm and wet.

Your mom screams as she cums, pussy juices squirting out all over your face for the second time that morning. You collapse, exhausted, covered in jizz and cum leaking out of your ass and pussy.

The End