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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

You can see an alley nearby, a dark space between two shop fronts. It looks like no one would be there and you think it is a good place to hide. You quickly dash over to the alley, hoping that no one sees you.

The alley goes back further than you first thought, and everything is so dark you can’t see more than five meters in front. You think you hear something, and you pause. There it is again — like soft footsteps.

Suddenly out of the gloom a man grabs you and clamps a cloth covered in a sweet-smelling oil down over your face. You struggle but everything slowly fades into darkness.

Sometime later…

You wake up sometime later, you don’t know how long has passed as there are no windows in the room and no way to tell the time. You’re in a small room with hardly anything other than a bed. There are four guys standing around you, all big black guys, all with huge cocks out. They must all be at least ten inches long and immensely thick, and they don’t even look fully erect yet! It is then that you notice that you aren’t wearing any clothes…