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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

“Anything?” you ask. “Absolutely anything?”

“Yes!” hes cries. “Anything you want!”

“Well, okay then daddy,” you say.

You turn around so your ass is in his face and slowly bend over, pulling down your pink panties and revealing your perfect pussy lips. You look over your should to see your dad stroking his cock furiously, and it turns you on. You can already feel yourself getting moist in your warm core.

You kick your panties away and turn around, slowly pulling of your shirt as you go. Underneath is a pink bra that matches your panties. You can see him staring at your large, firm boobs. Your hand sneaks up behind your back and undoes the clip on your bra and it drops to the floor revealing you smooth, round tits. The air in the garage is cold and your nipples are really hard. You give them a pinch and just that makes you moan. You’re really horny. You turn around again and bend over and smack your firm ass.

Your dad looks at you pleadingly and asks, “Can I lick you out, Emma, please?”

You give him a small nod and he practically dives into your ass. He begins licking you, starting at your asshole, rimming you before probing into your ass making you moan loudly. His tongue makes a quick dip down to your pussy, running down through the middle of your lips and swirling over your clit. Now you’re really moaning. Your moans echo around the garage, making you even hornier. You turn around and stand over him and grab his hair, thrusting his face into your wet cunt. He runs his tongue through your sopping wet slit again before plunging it into your moist folds and deep down into your pussy. It feels so good.

“Mmmmm,” you moan. “I never knew you were such a good cunt-licker daddy!”

He continues to lick you, all the while jerking of beneath you.

Suddenly, he cries out, “I’m sorry honey, you’re just so sexy, I can’t take it anymore!

He grabs you by the hips and slams you down onto his dick and you scream with pleasure. It’s huge, at least ten inches and really thick. You can feel it stretching your tight pussy and poking all the way up into your womb. You can see a bump on your stomach where his dick is poking, and then it slides out and in and the bump goes down and then up.

You don’t even care anymore, it just feels soooo good. You begin to bounce up and down, moaning loudly. Your dad takes one of your big tits in his mouth and starts sucking. Your hand creeps down towards your clit as he continues fucking your tight (well, it probably won’t be so tight after this) pussy. You begin rubbing and pinching your clit furiously and it makes you even hornier. Your dad’s cock is soooo big, and it feels really filling. You can feel it inside you, filling you up to the brim, and then sliding back out, leaving you with an empty feeling inside your wet core, before slamming back into you.

Suddenly your dad’s cock grows even stiffer and he yells out, “I-i’m go-going to c-c-cum!”

“Cum in me daddy!” you practically scream.

You hit your climax so hard you nearly black out, your slippery walls clamping down around your daddy’s huge cock and you cum at the same time as your dad does. You cum harder than you ever have before as your dad’s dick twitches and streams of hot jizz shoot out, blasting up into your womb before running out of room and shooting back out around his cock, mixed with your own cum. It blasts out over both of you and you scream with pleasure. You are both covered in a mixture of yours and your dad’s cum. He slows down his pace, making wet squelching sounds, before finally coming to a stop, exhausted.

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.