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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

You realize you’re not tied down or anything. You’re just aying down on a bed. “Maybe I could pretend to go along with it and then make a break for it,” you think. But you know that there is no way that would work. There are four of them, all big and ripped. There is no way you would make it. “Besides,” you think to yourself, “those big cocks are making me kind of horny, and it’s been a while since I had a good fuck.”

One of them comes over and over lies down on his back, rock-hard dick pointing straight up in the air. Now that they are all fully erect you can see that they are all extremely big, the smallest being about twelve inches and the biggest about fourteen inches, and they are all about three inches thick.

You know what he wants and you are resigned to your fate. You crawl across the bed to him and straddle him. You can feel his big hard dick pulsing beneath you where it sits flat across his stomach. The other three guys come up behind you and one of them grabs his dick and positions it at the entrance to your pussy. He teases you with the head, dragging it through your wet slit. Then, suddenly, he grabs your hips and slams you back onto his huge black cock.

You scream in pain and pleasure as starbursts explode before your eyes. He is so big you nearly cum right there and then. You ride him amazon-style, your smooth, firm ass up in the air. The man underneath you gets his hard dick and crams it in your pussy alongside the other one. A third man crouches over you, brute style, and shoves his dick into your tight asshole. You’re still an anal virgin as Dan never wanted to do anal sex you, and you scream loudly.

Three cocks at once is a new feeling for you. You can feel the two in your cunt stretching and filling you. You can feel them grinding against your cervix and pushing on your womb. There is a huge lump on your belly where the cocks are. Seeing them slide in and out is making you incredibly horny and you are sopping wet, juices leaking out of your pussy.

The guy in your ass starts sliding in and out, lubricated by your pussy juices. They set up a steady rhythm, the guy in your ass sliding in and the two in your pussy slide out, and he slides out as the other two slides in. Soon they are pounding away at you and you moan like crazy.

The fourth guy climbs over and kneels in front of you and gets his big black dick and shoves it in your mouth and starts face-fucking you, stifling your moans of ecstasy. You feel his huge cock sliding down your throat and you gag.

“Fuck, so tight”, the one in your ass grunts.

“Not after we’re done with her”, one of the ones in your pussy chuckles.

As one, the two huge dicks in your pussy hit your cervix and you scream, causing vibrations on the dude that is face-fucking you. You can’t believe so many dicks can fit in you at the same time. You feel like you’re being ripped in half and the pleasure is so intense your moans don’t seem to stop, they’re more like one long ecstatic sound. You make gyrating motions and the two dicks in your pussy grind together, making them moan with pleasure.

Suddenly, one of them grunts, “Fuck, I can’t handle it anymore, I’m gonna cum!”

“Same here”, says another one, the one in your ass.

“Cum in me, all of you!” you yell.

Your pussy muscles spasm and your wet walls contract, clamping down on the two dicks in your pussy and your juices spray out the back, showering the guys in your cum. As one, the two guys in your cunt explode, huge black dicks squirting unbelievable amounts of cum into your pussy, filling you up and then blasting back out as more and more keeps coming. The same thing happens to the guy in your ass. As you came, you tensed up and your ass tightened around his cock and he cums hard, filling you up to the brim and then spraying back out.

The guy in your mouth is the last to cum, but when he does, he cums the most. A huge amount of the hot sticky liquid showers down the back of your throat straight into your stomach and filling you up before spraying back out, making you gag.

You all collapse into a pile of dick, pussy and cum. You lay there, barely conscious, semen leaking out of your ass, cunt and mouth and covered in cum.

The End