Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ?...)

You raise your arms as Claudia pulls your cold, wet top off your body. As you stand there wearing your black bra, you notice her eyes repeatedly moving towards your tits as she struggles to show you what clothes she has. It’s honestly cute.

“Don’t you think I should take my bra off too?” you ask.


“I mean — feel it, my bra is also wet. Here,” you take her hands and place them on your tits, “feel it.”

You look into her beautiful eyes while holding her cool hands over your wet bra, pushing them against your tits. You move your hands to her face and pull her into a kiss. As you pry her soft lips open with your tongue, you hear her moaning in your mouth.

Claudia’s hands squeeze your tits wonderfully before moving to your butt and pulling you closer. Your bodies are pressed against each other as you sloppily make out. She’s a hungry kisser, you notice. She sucks your tongue and then pushes her own down your throat. She bites your lips then licks them off. All the while, her cool hands run over smooth back and tight ass. It’s amazing — you actually get a little weak in the knees.

She pushes you on to the bed and strips down completely before jumping in next to you. With equal speed, she throws away your remaining clothes and then pins you down. Her kisses move from your mouth to your neck as you moan uncontrollably — your neck is particularly sensitive. She seems to notice this as she sucks hard, leaving a small trail of hickeys. Her hands, meanwhile, play with your supple breasts and hard nipples. You move one of your own hands down between your legs and start rubbing.

Then her kisses move further south as her mouth assaults your breasts. She slobbers over them — making them wet with her spit — and bites your nipples a little harder than you’re used to, making you squeal. You rub yourself faster. She looks up at you and asks in a soft voice, “You like that?”

You nod as she pinches your nipples and swats your breasts, repeatedly asking you if you like it although she knows damn well that you do. You love it.

Then she swats your hand away from your cunt and goes down on you. You clench your legs together around her head as she furiously eats you out. Dan could never understand your cunt the way she does. You’re wetter than you ever remember being. The sensation of her soft, wet tongue on your warm, wet pussy is overpowering and you cum just as she lightly bites your clit, screaming out her name as you clench the bed sheets and arch your back. As your orgasm subsides, your body relaxes and you smile. This is the most satisfied you have ever been.

Not wanting to be selfish, you soon get up and pull your friend in for a kiss. You actually don’t enjoy the taste of your pussy on her mouth — but you absolutely love the dirtiness of it all.

Just as your hand moves between her legs, she stops you. You break your kiss and look at her questioningly.

“I want you to pleasure me with one of my toys. Wait here. I’ll go get it.”

You feel a little weak in your knees again as she says this to you. She’s nothing like your sweet, caring ex. So confident. So sexy. So dominant.

As Claudia rummages through her cupboard, you admire her smooth and sexy butt, gently touching yourself as you do. You can’t wait to find out what toys she’s got!