Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ?...)

Your heart stops when you make eye contact with the cop. Juliet, on the other hand, is much quicker on her feet. She whispers just loud enough for you to hear, “They don’t know Perkins is dead. Start fucking him again and they’ll just think the ol’ man’s dick made you scream. Hurry!”

You comprehend as fast as you can and get up to start riding Perkins’ cock again. The floor is slippery — making you slip and almost fall down.

“And don’t be nervous, girl! I want you to give them a show. Be confident. Come on!”

You understand and wink at everyone staring at you. Then you hop on Perkins’ lap and guide his somehow still erect pecker into your wet and sore pussy. Having been fucked and fisted already, your pussy is a lot more accommodating but also more sore. But you hold on to Perkins’ shoulders and start humping him like crazy while grinning at the people outside.

“You’ll break his hip!” Juliet says from below.

“I don’t care,” you say, never breaking eye contact with the cop. “He’s dead. You should get up and join me too. They’ll like it.”

As you hump the dead Perkins’ dick harder and harder, you notice the people outside get more and more aroused. The cop, firemen and EMTs have noticeable boners and the older woman also looks flush.

You feel Juliet’s hands on your tits as she squeezes them while you fuck Perkins. The boys outside start laughing and exchanging high fives. The woman is rubbing her neck. Juliet then licks your face as you both look outside.

The cop then takes the woman’s hand and puts it on his erection. You smile and don’t really blame him — she looks great for her age. Kind of like Laura Linney. The other boys outside also surround her and start fondling her boobs and ass. One of them starts making out with her. But all of them keep looking at you whenever they can.

You feel Juliet’s finger push inside your anus and you moan loudly, drawing everyone’s attention. You’ve been humping Perkins for some time now and get off him. As you step aside, Juliet starts sucking him off hungrily while keeping one finger buried in your ass. You simply stand there rubbing yourself and looking outside. Now it’s them putting on a show for you.

The woman is on her knees surrounded by five sizeable cocks. You can tell she knows what she’s doing. Looking back at you, she’s getting her throat fucked while playing with two cocks with her hands. And she’s making sure no one feels left out.

Slowly, you feel your orgasm building — with all of that riding and Juliet’s constant finger in your butt. You pinch your nipple and continue rubbing yourself.

Soon, you feel your orgasm course through you as you scream loudly — making sure they hear you outside. Hearing you, the guys get all the more excited and one of them looks like he’s about to cum too.

“Julie, we have to make Perkins cum. They won’t leave unless we do,” you tell her.

“What?” she says, taking her mouth off his dick. “He’s dead! How’s — ”

“It can happen. He’s still erect, ain’t he? It’s called angel lust. I’ll help you.”

You both get on your knees and start slobbering over his cock and jerking it violently. And sure enough, he shoots his load all over your face in a few minutes.

Not quite believing what happened, you two get up and look outside with your cum-covered faces, smiling and touching each other.

All the men outside seem to have plastered the woman’s face too. Satisfied and smiling, they all wave back at you, tuck their dicks in and walk away.