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(Everybody Wants You, continued by KlolIsBack...)

Claudia turns around with a naughty smile on her face and a massive strap-on pink dick in her hands. She throws you the dildo and helps you put it on. The alien feeling of the straps against your skin feels really sexy.

She then turns around and gets on her fours, wiggling her toned butt. You actually salivate a little looking at her booty.

“Aren’t you going to suck this off, first?”

Claudia immediately turns around and gets to work — giving you an honest-to-God blowjob. You move your hands through her soft hair and start fucking her beautiful face gently. She looks up at you while taking the ten-inch monster down her throat. She gags and chokes and spits up keeps going. Sucking, bobbing, slobbering. You finally push her face off and ask her to turn around.

Then you place your hands on her sexy ass and spread her cheeks to peek at her anus. She’s easily got the sexiest butt that you’ve ever seen. It’s not as big as yours but more toned and firm. You spank it and watch it wobble.

“Just fuck me already!”

Then you take your wet dick, align it with her cunt, and drive it into her. There’s some resistance and you hear her moan loudly. Holding on to her ass, you start fucking her real hard. The room is filled with sounds of your thighs slapping her ass and the noises of her moaning and grunting.

“Don’t stop, please…” Claudia begs and you know she’s close. You grab her hair, yank it back, and up the pace.

Soon, she screams as her body spasms and she squirts copiously. You actually have to pull your dick out and let the squirt pile on the mattress in a puddle.

Then you both collapse next to each other on the bed, panting and satisfied, wondering what to do next.