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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Megan...)

You lie on the bus floor. Your pussy twitches and drips with cum. Your asshole burns and your mouth is wide open. You’ve never been fucked like this ever. Being used as a cumbucket turns you on. Thinking about the fucking you just had makes you wet again. You feel empty now the men no longer are inside you. You roll onto your back, spreading your legs to show off your cum-filled cunt. As people get on and off the bus you are welcomed by more onlookers (and potential fuck partners)

Almost immediately a tall man pulls out an enormous cock. You practically squeal at the sight of it. Several other cocks and pussies are being pulled out, but your eyes are on that God of a cock. Before you know it he is on top of you, teasing your sensitive clit with his head.

“I am going to make you scream, whore,” he growls into your ear before slamming his fifteen-inch long, four-inch wide cock into your womanhood. He isn’t even halfway in yet, but he keeps pushing himself deeper. You cry as he fills you. He throws your legs onto his shoulders, allowing him to go deeper in. His tip hits your cervix. The entire world fades away and it’s just you and him. Everyone else begins to masturbate at the sight of you being pushed to your limits.

“Oh God, you’re huge,” you moan, feeling yourself get even wetter. He smirks before pulling back so only the tip of his cock is in your pussy. He then slams back in, this time doing the impossible and stretching your cervix. You scream as his head slams into your womb. He begins to fuck you harder than you ever have been before. He still isn’t all the way inside of you, but who cares! He is giving your uterus the fucking it never got with your ex or any other man!

You rub your clit as he bangs you hard. You whimper, cry, and scream as he abuses your poor cunt. “You are so fucking tight,” he hisses as he fucks you.

You cum so many times before he is even close to exploding inside you. You finally feel him twitch inside you before exploding the biggest creampie ever into your little womb. This triggers another orgasm on your part. You scream as you squirt all over him. He remains inside of you even after he cums.

“I am going to breed you, slut,” he said before fucking you again.

That is your life now. This man becomes your master, fucking baby after baby into you. You give birth naturally in his basement. You love your life. David takes care of you with his huge cock and gives you many orgasmic births.

The End