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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Harry...)

“Mmmmm,” you moan. You want it sooo bad. You haven’t fucked anyone since you and Dan broke up, and you’ve hardly even played with yourself. You need it.

You reach forward and grab his dick and start stroking it slowly, drawing out a soft moan from your brother. You tentatively lean forward and press your lips into his, but it feels kind of weird. He is your brother, after all. He doesn’t seem to share any of your misgivings though and immediately shoves his tongue into your mouth and begins to wrestle yours.

You break off the kiss and turn around, bending over slightly giving him a good view of your perfect shaved pussy and your smooth, tanned bubble butt. He gets down on his knees behind you and starts to lick. He runs his tongue through your wet slit and then quickly flicks it back up to your clit. He swirls his tongue around your clit and then softly bites down, making you moan.

“Mmm, fuck yes,” you moan.

His tongue suddenly dives deep down inside your pussy. It’s amazing, you can feel it wriggle and squirm inside you. His tongue pulls out and runs up through your pussy lips again and right up to your ass. He rims you, running his tongue around your asshole before shoving it in, making you cry out. You can feel yourself getting close, but then he suddenly stands up.

“W-w-what,” you mumble, disappointed. “I was close.”

“Not yet, sis,” he says breathily in your ear.

You’re still bent over against the glass of the shower, your tits squashed up against the glass. You feel him run the head of his cock through your soaking wet pussy lips.

“Do it!” you beg.

“What was that?” he asks. “You might have to say it a bit louder.”

“Please, fuck meeee!” you practically scream. “I need it right now!”

He suddenly rams his cock right up into your tight pussy and you scream out. He’s huge, at least ten inches. He pulls out and rams back into you, right up to the hilt. Soon he’s slamming in and out of you, and you’re moaning like crazy.

Suddenly, he slaps your ass, making you cry out.

“Fuck yes, spank me harder!” you cry. “Spank your naughty little slut.”

“Yeah, you’re such a little whore, Emma,” he says.

He keeps spanking your ass and pounding away at you. You can feel yourself getting close. He sticks his thumb in your asshole, making you cry out and driving you over the edge.

You cum so hard you nearly black out, spots dancing before your eyes. Your feel weak and you would have collapsed if your brother hadn’t kept hanging onto your hips while he banged you. You orgasm the hardest you ever have, your slippery walls clamping around his huge cock like a vice. You even squirt, a small geyser spraying out the back.

Your pussy clamping down on your brother’s dick drives him over the edge, and he cums the biggest load you have ever seen. He pumps jet after jet into your pussy, shooting it right into your uterus, filling you up completely. He keeps fucking you slowly, making squelching sounds, before he pulls his cock out with a small pop. A little waterfall of his cum sprays out the back.

You stand up and turn around so you’re facing your brother. He points down at his cock, which is now dribbling cum and twitching, and says, “clean me up, sis.”

You get down on your knees in front of him and get to work. You lick the shaft slowly from the tip to the base and then back again, before diving down on it and engulfing it entirely. His huge dick slides down the back of your throat and you gag. You ease off a bit and start bobbing your head up and down, going “ugh, ugh, ugh.” He tastes great.

You finish him up before taking a shower with him, cleaning each other off. Thoroughly. Your brother seems satisfied and he leaves you by yourself to think about what to do next. If you’re right and your wish really did come true, then there are so many things you could do…