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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

You ignore Mister Perkins. You need to find somewhere to go until your parents stop acting so weird.

Uncle Ed has a really nice place, and he was always really nice to you. You pull out your cell phone and call him.

“Hello?” he answers in that deep, brisk voice that you always loved.

“Uncle Ed, my parents are being really weird, can I stay at your place for a little while?” you ask him. You almost immediately hear a response.

“Of course, Emma, I’d be glad to have you, how about I come pick you up?” he responds.

“Okay sounds good, I’ll see you soon,” you finish before hanging up.

You wait around where you are, ignoring Mister Perkins. Soon two young boys come up to you where you are and begin looking you up and down.

“What are you doing here, sexy,” one of them asks.

As he asks that the other boy comes up behind you and gropes your backside. You can feel his hand lifting up your skirt and pressing against your panties, as he squeezes your ass.

As you try to move away from him, the other boy walks up to your front and grabs your breasts through your shirt, holding you in place.

It’s been a couple minutes since you called your uncle and he should be there any second, but these guys are starting to get real grabby, and you can see a tent in the pants of both of them.

Maybe you should run, surely your uncle could find you, or maybe you could try to fight the boys off, but they are both quite muscled, or maybe you could stay and let them do what they want, their hands groping you is turning you on a bit.

Whatever you decide, you need to do it fast. The boy behind you is unzipping his pants and the boy in front of you is bunching up your top. Soon he’s going to reveal your chest, after all you aren’t wearing a bra.