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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

As you try to decide what to do you are too nervous and scared to make a decision, and so you do nothing as the boys have their way with you.

“P… please stop” you stutter out, so scared that you have trouble getting the sentence out. The boys make no apparent move to stop.

The boy in front of you finishes bunching up your top, revealing your perky breasts to the world. He smiles as he grips them both and begins licking and sucking on them.

You can’t help but let out a small moan as he does this, even though you don’t want it.

Meanwhile, the boy behind you finishes getting his pants undone and drops them to the ground revealing his seven-inch dick, fully erect now poking you in the back of your thigh.

“Please, no, don’t do thi,s” you whine as he begins rubbing your pussy through your panties.

Again you can’t help but moan as he rubs your slit with his fingers. You know that you are wet down there, even though you hate this.

Suddenly you feel the boy behind you, yank your panties down your legs, leaving your pussy completely unprotected.

“No no please, don’t I don’t want it!” you cry out, tears welling up as you can feel your pussy lips being rubbed with the tip of the boy’s dick.

The boy grabs your hips and prepares to thrust inside of you as he finishes positioning himself. Ready to go he begins to thrust forward, spreading your lips apart, his tip entering you, but suddenly his dick pulls out of you, and you look behind to see what happened.

Your uncle is there. He punched the boy behind you in the face knocking him out. The boy in front of you, witnessing what happened to his friend, immediately begins to run away.

“Are you okay?” your Uncle Ed asks you as you pull your panties back up and slide your top back down.

“I am now, thank you,” you say before hugging your uncle.

“Come on Emma, get in the car, let’s get to my place, where you’ll be safe,” he says, gesturing for you to get in his fancy sport car.

Safe. That sounds good to you, and the way your Uncle Ed says it is very comforting. You get in the car and relax as your Uncle begins driving back to his house.