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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

You are bored waiting anyway, so you might as well have some fun while these boys are offering it.

You smile at the boy in front of you and help him take off your top as he reveals your perky breasts to the world. You giggle as he begins to grab and suck on them.

What is happening in front of you is getting you very wet, and the boy behind you can feel that as he rubs your pussy through your underwear.

“Ugh, will you hurry up and get a dick inside of me one of you, please,” you moan. The boy behind you decides to give you what you want and yanks your panties down your legs. You bend over a little, supporting yourself on the boy in front of you.

The boy behind you immediately positions his seven-inch dick at your pussy lips and grabs your hips. Suddenly he pushes his hips forward, slamming his dick into you to the base.

You moan out loud as he finally impales you on his dick. He starts thrusting into you, his hips slamming into your ass with every thrust.

“So tight,” he groans as he continues to fuck you. The boy in front of you grabs one of your hands and leads it to his crotch. You grab his hard cock through his jeans and begin to rub it. As the boy behind you starts to speed up you grab the other boy’s zipper and pull it down, then you rip down his pants and boxers, revealing a six-inch dick.

Well, it isn’t much but at least now you have something to suck on. As you start to lean down to put it in your mouth, someone interrupts you.

“Ahem, what’s going on here?” your uncle asks looking down at you, the boy behind you still thrusting in and out.

“Uncle Ed, want to join us?” you ask jokingly. He is really hot though, so maybe you do want him to join in.

“I don’t think so. Excuse me, but you two need to go now,” your uncle orders, gesturing to your two new friends.

“What? Come on man, I’m gonna cum soon,” the guy behind you groans. The thought of him cumming inside you is turning you on even more.

“Either leave, or I kick your ass, and call the police,” your uncle yells sternly. The guy behind you groans, trying to decide what to do. He pulls out of you a second later, obviously deciding he’d rather not get his ass kicked.

You turn around and watch as he pulls his pants up, somehow stuffing his rock-hard erection, covered in your juices, back in his pants. You’re obviously upset, but you pull your panties back up and pull your shirt back on.

You watch as the boys leave, and turn to your uncle who seems visibly angry, though it almost seems as if he’s grinning at you a little. You follow him back to his car and get in.

You silently sit as he begins driving you back to his place.