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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

When you finally arrive at his amazing house you follow your uncle in the front door. Once you are both inside he turns around and closes the door. You can’t help but notice him being angry is making him even sexier.

“What is wrong with you, Emma? You are such a slut, is it so hard for you to keep your underwear on!” he yells at you.

“It’s really not all that comfortable,” you joke, hoping he will take the bait. You are turned on and since you didn’t get to finish you need to fuck something, and your uncle is very hot.

“Think you’re funny huh? Well you are gonna have to pay for this, and your punishment isn’t gonna be very nice!” he says. “Since you have such a problem with it, why don’t you just take off all your clothes?”

Looks like he might want some of you now. You do as he says and take off all of your clothes. You stand in front of him naked. You are still very turned on and you can feel your juices leaking down your leg.

“Look at that, you are so turned on right now, aren’t you?” he says looking at your leaking pussy. “Get on your knees and get my pants off, slut!” he grins.

You do as you are told, dropping to your knees and unzipping his pants. You pull his pants and boxers down revealing his huge dick. It has to be ten inches long and three inches thick at least.

“You know what to do, don’t you little Emma? If you impress me, then maybe I’ll relieve you down there a little bit,” he says.

You smile — you need that cock inside you. You grab his cock and put it in your mouth. You get the tip in and it’s already stretching your mouth out a lot. You start giving him the best blowjob you can, stroking and sucking, licking and gagging, covering his huge dick with your saliva.

“Huh, how about that, guess you aren’t all talk, alright then, stand up,” he orders you. Soon after, he bends you over his couch and smacks your ass cheeks with his hard rod.

“Alright, here you go my slutty niece,” he says, right before slamming his huge dick into you. You scream in pleasure as his thick cock stretches you out. He immediately begins thrusting into you, not holding back at all.

“Listen up you slut, as long as you live in my house, your pussy is mine, your ass is mine, your tits are mine, you are mine, I will fuck you when where and how I want, and you will do exactly as you are told, got it”? your uncle asks as he continues to fuck you hard.

“Yes,” you manage to groan as he speeds up.

“I can’t hear you,” he yells as he slaps your ass hard.

“Yes sir!” you scream. Your uncle seems pleased and continues to thrust into you.

“I am going to cum inside you, I haven’t cum in months so it’s going to be a big load, you better take it,” he groans as he continues to nail you into his couch.

You can’t respond but moan even louder as his cock pounds into you harder and harder. Suddenly he rams his dick into you, and you can feel his hard shaft twitching inside you as his cum shoots out, more, and more. You moan as his cum fills you up so much that some of it squirts out on the sides of his dick.

At the same time you cum, clenching his cock with your tight cunt, squeezing out all of his sperm.