Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

You know that you can’t stop your father now so you spread your legs, giving him permission to reach further into your panties.

You suddenly feel his hand snake under your panties, his fingers now rubbing your clit. You let out a small moan as he begins to finger your rapidly-moistening pussy.

“Dad, I-” You start to argue but your father interrupts you mid sentence, pressing his lips against yours. He disconnects from you leaving only an inch or two between you, and you can taste his breath.

“I could feel you spreading your legs, you want this too, don’t you?” he whispers to you. You don’t want to answer. If you do, you don’t think there will be any stopping, but you are so horny now.

“Just tell me you want it, and I’ll give it to you,” your father whispers in your ear, still fingering your pussy lightly. You can feel his rock hard cock through his pants, pressed against your ass.

His dick is definitely bigger than anything you’ve ever had, and you really want it. His fingering has you practically dripping. What to do?