Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by JacobD...)

The man who pushed you down gets onto his knees in between your legs and grabs your hips. He pulls towards him and points his large cock at your pussy.

“Please, no, I don’t want-” you get cut off as the man shoves his entire cock into you with one powerful thrust. You moan as you feel his tip poking at your womb, his shaft spreading you apart. As he begins thrusting in and out suddenly you feel something warm smack you in the face. It’s one of the men behind you, who is holding his cock over your head and now his sack is hanging in front of your face. He steps around so he is standing over you and he puts his cock in front of your face.

You clench your mouth closed but he grabs your jaw and squeezes forcing you to open up, and immediately shoves his cock down your throat. You gulp and gasp, trying to breathe, but it’s difficult as one man is fucking your pussy hard, and another man is filling your mouth with his cock.

You can see at least five other men surrounding you, stroking their cocks slowly, getting ready for their turn with you.