Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

You give in and decide you want him. “Okay, follow me daddy” you whisper to your father.

Both you and him sneak out of the kitchen from your mom and make it to your room. You close and lock the door before turning around to see your father who was looking up your skirt and is now staring at your breasts.

You smile and pull your shirt off, giving him a good view of your breasts and, as he begins to walk towards you, you pull off your skirt and panties as well. Your father smiles and grabs your face, pulling you in for a tongue-filled kiss. As you mix saliva, you reach down and undo your father’s belt and pants and yank them down his legs, revealing his huge hard cock.

“Suck on it, Emma,” your father says as he disconnects from your kiss. You drop to your knees and grab his dick in your hand. You look up at your father and slowly lead his cock into your mouth.

“Mmmm yes,” your father moans as you suck his cock. Your tongue rubs the underside of his tip, your hand stroking back and forth on his shaft. It’s not too long until you can feel precum leaking from his tip.

You pull his cock out of your mouth and stand up. “Give it to me daddy, I want you to fuck me hard,” you moan to your father. He smiles and turns you around and bends you over your bed. Before he thrusts into you, you think about what is about to happen and that he’s not wearing a condom. Should you tell him to put one on, or just let him fill you with his cum?