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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jacob D...)

You think about and are about to make a decision, but before you can finish your thought, you feel your daddy’s long hard cock sliding into you. You gasp at the sudden feeling of penetration, and you can hear your father groan as your tight pussy wraps around his big shaft.

“Daddy… you’re so big,” you moan, your father now filled with extra confidence. You can hear a slight chuckle from behind you before feeling your father’s cock slide almost all the way out of you, then suddenly thrust all the way back into you, his hips smacking against your ass.

Your father can tell you want more and gives you exactly what you want, thrusting just like that, but much faster. You begin moaning, completely overcome by lust you decide to just let your father do as he wants.

Your father continues to thrust in and out of you. Suddenly you can feel him smack your ass, making it jiggle. It feels so good that you can feel yourself tighten on your father as he spanks you.

Your father’s breaths are getting more ragged, his thrusts, faster and harder than before, you can feel his cock throbbing inside you. All of sudden you feel your father slam into you one more time, and groan as you can feel his grip tighten on your ass. You realize your daddy is cumming inside of you, this realization is confirmed when you feel something warm flooding inside you.

You moan and hit your own orgasm as you feel your father’s hot sperm filling you up, your pussy clamping down on his cock. Once both of your orgasms are finished, your father pulls his cock out of you and pulls his pants back on, before leaving you, in your room, bent over your bed, leaking cum.