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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Morgan Yu...)

A sudden jolt awakens you from your sexual heaven. Your limbs are still sore from your previous endeavorr. You feel the ground moving below you. Only it’s not ground. You realize that you are in the back of a moving truck.

“Hey man. I think our little bimbo’s awake.”

You snap your head around and see a window into the truck’s cabin. You try and approach but you feel the heavy weight of a chain around your ankle.

“What the fuck is going on here?” you ask timidly.

The driver turns his head and says, “We found you on the side of the road sweetheart. Drenched in cum. Beautiful sight.”

You suddenly realize your lack of clothing and make an attempt to cover yourself.

“We picked you up. Our boss is gonna love you,” he laughs.

His boss?

“You got a name, sweetheart?” the other guy says.


“Nice name for a cumslut!”

You try to protest but slip as the truck comes to a stop.

Where are you?