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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Davemigo34...)

“What about the mayor?” you ask with a devilish grin. “He must pay well with all of those sex scandals with those prostitutes, maybe I can fuck him and get the key to the city!” you scheme.

“That sounds like a great idea darling,” your grandmother purrs. “Now get over here and give your grandmother a kiss.”

You walk over and give her a peck on the cheek, but she has other ideas. She grabs your ass with one hand and with the other pulls you in and begins French-kissing you vigorosly. You pull away shocked.

“Well, look at that, Emma, you made me horny,” says grandma. “I’m gonna see if Mister Perkins wants to do the horizontal slide.”

You sprint out of there as soon as she finishes that sentence and quickly make your way down town to the mayor’s office in city hall. You feel people staring at your tits but it begins to make you extremely horny, biting your lip. You walk into city hall and to distract the security guards you whip open your top, flashing your beautiful tits. You walk right past them while they are dazed by seeing the hottest girl ever flash them.

You see the mayor sitting at his desk through the glass door. He looks up and sees you. He drops everything and rushes to open the door for you. You walk in shaking your hips. You open your mouth to ask him if you could fuck him for money and you turn around to see him already undressed holding a fat stack of hundreds.

“Can I please fuck you? Ever since my wife found out I have been fucking prostitutes she grounded me. So please let me fuck you!” he begs.

You take the money and put it into your bag, smiling. You get down on your knees and take him in your mouth, milking his dick for cum. He then grabs the sides of your head and starts fucking the hell out of your throat.

“Look at me when I fuck you, you whore!” he yells, not caring who is listening. Tears stream down your face as you stare the man in the eyes. He’s smiling, the sounds of your throat being fucked apparently music to his ears.

The mayor suddenly cums down your throat, shooting ropes of cum into your tummy. You stand up and clean yourself off while he dresses himself.

You begin to walk out the door when you feel him slap your round butt. “See you tomorrow slut!” he laughs.