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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Daavemigo...)

Your mom leers then looks away, going back to burning the eggs like usual. You feel your dad’s hand slide up your back then wrap around the front and cup your breasts. You are getting extremely turned on. You start to grind your ass into his crotch and you feel him squeeze your sensitive nipples. Your mom turns around and you expect her to see her husband cupping her daughter’s tits but instead she is focused on an egg that she dropped and she is desperately trying to get the egg out of the mat on the floor.

Your father then pulls down your pants ever so slightly and just enough so he can slide his dick into your ass. You hold back a scream and some tears as he pushes it all the way in and then pulls it all the way out over and over again. You decide this is how you want to spend time with your father from now on. He pumps in and out of you and you begin to moan out loud but he sticks his finger in your mouth to suck on. He begins to nuzzle your neck but you can’t stop thinking about putting his dick in your mouth. So you slide off ever so slowly, savoring the feeling of it slowly sliding out of your ass. It pops out and you pull your pants back up and turn around and tease your father a little bit.

“Time for some breakfast sausage,” you purr as you lean in to kiss him on the lips, allowing him access to your mouth. He sticks his tongue in your mouth and begins to suck face with you. You back up and put your hands up on his chest and you slowly squat down, moving your hand around his body until it reaches his crotch. You nuzzle on his dick and kiss all around it to tease him a bit until his powerful hands wrap around your head and he pulls your head in towards his pubes. His cock slides all the way down your throat and he begins vigorously fucking your face until he unloads his semen into your tummy. Then he pulls you up and messily makes out with you.

“Get yourself cleaned up you whore,” he growls as you are nose to nose with him. He pushes you onto your back as he walks away like he conquered something.