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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Daavemigo...)

You wake up in Mister Perkins’ bed alone. The sheets are a mess and your head is pounding. While you slowly rub your head you hear people talking downstairs. You stay quiet so you can hear them.

“She’s upstairs everyone!” you hear Mister Perkins say.

Suddenly you hear feet shuffling towards the bedroom. You decide to head for the closet and hide. You peer through the slits and see a group of old men all wearing open robes with semi-erect cocks walk in.

“She’s gone or hiding, every one spread out!” says one of the older men.

They disperse through the house with only two staying in the room to look around. One of the old men has a ten-inch dick that you can’t keep your eyes off. You begin to get wet.

You decide to touch yourself. You sit down in the closet and think about that monster in your pussy. You close your eyes and imagining him fucking your ass and you accidentally let a moan slip out.

You open your eyes to see the two men with the closet door open and their dicks pointed straight at you. You could possibly attack them and take advantage of their slow speed and outrun them, or let them have their way with you and then escape.