Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

As you’re fucking one cock and sucking another you think to yourself, “Well might as well enjoy this.” You put your hand around the cock in your mouth and start stroking it. You pull your mouth off the cock to catch your breath and stroke it faster. The man behind you smacks your ass hard and you shriek. He pulls out for a few seconds and starts to push his cock in your ass.

“Wait not… OOOOOOWWWWWW FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK!” you scream as he pushes it in all the way. You’ve never felt anything like it. The man in front switches out with another man on the bus. He puts his cock in front of your face, but before you can even open your mouth the man fucking your ass puts his arm around you and picks you up without taking his cock out of you and lies down on his back with you on top in a reverse cowgirl position.

The man who was waiting for you to suck his cock sees another opening he can use. You look at him with doubts as you’ve never been fucked in both holes before. He hesitates for a second but goes for it. He gets down on his knees trying to get the right angle, then finds it and shoves his cock in your pussy.

“Oh my fucking God I love it!” The pleasure of fucking two men at the same time is amazing but it isn’t long until another man puts his cock in your mouth. All your holes are now occupied by a the cocks of total strangers. They rotate you to the men still waiting for their turn on you.

You can’t remember how many men were on the bus when you got on, but you fuck them for what seems like hours until you’ve orgasmed about five times and it looks like the end is near.

They get off you then surround you, all jerking their cocks. You open wide with your hands between your legs. They start spraying you with their cum in your mouth, in your hair, on your tits. Your body shakes as you bring yourself to a climax as they finish decorating your body with their cum. You swallow what’s in your mouth and use your fingers to collect the rest.

The bus comes to a stop, and you wonder whether to leave or wait for more passengers.