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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

Your brother fucks your pussy, your father fucks your ass, you’re eating out your mother in the process, and you’re loving everything second of it. The only time you take your mouth off your mom’s sweet wet pussy is to moan with pleasure.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh, holy fucking God!” You shake and shiver as you cum. You look up to your mother with exhaustion.

“You gotta try this, Mom,” you tell her, breathing heavily.

“Oh I’ve never been fucked in both holes before,” she says nervously.

“You’ll love it I promise,” you say with a giggle.

“Okay,” your mom says nervously.

Your dad pulls out of you, moaning as he does, and you dismount from your brother’s cock. You put your brother’s cock in your mouth, then your father’s. You moan as you taste your own fluids off their cocks. Your brother stands up, your dad lies down and your mom gets on top of him, sliding his cock inside of her, then she leans down to kiss him. Your brother gets in position and you help him guide his cock into your mother’s ass. Your mother’s eyes widen with pain and pleasure.

“Holy shit, huh, oh my God, you were right honey!” she screams as she grabs you and kisses you with such passion you both moan. “Now let me taste that pussy!” she says eagerly with a big smile on her face. You giggle as you stand up and walk over to your mother’s face slowly to tease her, all the while your father and brother are pounding both of her tight holes. You present your trimmed pussy to her as if it is an offering. Your mother licks your pussy with great enthusiasm. You put your hand through your mother’s hair, shoving her face in your dripping wet pussy. You close your eyes, lifting head, enjoying your mother’s tongue.

Your mother starts rubbing her thumb against your clit, faster as she gets closer to climax. She screams as she cums, massaging your clit as she does, causing you to cum together.

“Okay, now it’s our turn,” your father says. Your brother pulls out of your mother’s ass and she grunts, then gets off your dad’s cock but remains on her knees. You get on your knee next to her. Your father puts his cock in your mouth and your brother puts his cock in your mother’s mouth. You both suck their cocks with such pleasure, you can be in that position all day.

Your brother cums first straight in your mo’ms mouth. She doesn’t swallow it yet. Your father cums shortly after in your mouth and you don’t swallow either. You look at each other, both mouths filled with cum. You both lean into each other and start kissing each other, exchanging mouthfuls. You exchange cum at least three times then both of you swallow.

You and your mother stand and you all start hugging each other as if it is family game night. You wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow.