Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

You walk toward the soccer team knowing what’s about to happen. They gather in a circle around you. You take off all your clothes and one of the players places a pillow on the ground for you. You smile at him with gratitude as you get on your knees. You put one cock in your mouth and you grab a cock with each hand, stroking them fast and hard, rotating your mouth and your hands trying to get to each one. This goes on for a while.

You pull a cock out of your mouth to gasp for air. “Okay, let’s get these cocks in me,” you say as you catch your breath. One of them lies down and you climb on top of him but as you lower yourself on him he puts it in your ass instead.

“Oh my God!” You look down at him not even mad. “A little warning next time, please.” You don’t even have time to recover before another player shoves his cock in your pussy. You look at the other players watching while they stroke their cocks.

“Well, are you guys just going to stand there? Get over here so I can suck those cocks,” you say as you’re panting from the ramming you’re getting. You’re loving every second of this. The two that are in you blow their loads inside you. You moan in enjoyment, then the two get off you, their cum dripping from you. One of the remaining players picks you up from behind and lowers your ass on his cock. And then another goes for your pussy. They lift you up and down hard and fast.

“Oh yes fuck me!” you yell, kissing the man in your front and your back. They drive you to a screaming orgasm. You hear their breathing start to get faster.

“Cum on my face, please.” They put you down with your knees open wide, breathing heavily, fingering yourself as you wait for your prize.

“Come on, cum on my face please, I want it, I need it,” you cry, begging for their cum. They groan as they spray their cum on your face and body. You swallow what you have in your mouth and spread the rest all over your body. You look around and see that you still have to service seven more players.

You hear a voice. “Wow Emma, you’re really enjoying yourself you filthy slut!”

It’s Jennifer, the girl your boyfriend left you for. Should you invite her to join or have the players take her by force?