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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

You kneel down and start stroking the remaining players’ cocks.

“Jennifer, can you call Claudia and ask her-” you start to say, but you’re interrupted.

“Ask me what?” says Claudia as she enters the room. “Wow, so it’s true what they’re saying,” she says with a grin on her face as she leans inside the doorway.

Still stroking the cocks you reply, “I still need to get all seven of these guys off, help a girl out?”

Jennifer and Claudia look at each other, smile, and start walking seductively towards you all, taking off their clothes as they get closer. They kneel next to each other on each side of you.

The players spread out. Jennifer and Claudia don’t hesitate — they put cocks in their mouths and their hands, moving passionately. The three of you sucking seven players makes you all dripping wet.

You stop and look up at the three men you’re blowing.

“I’m ready to be fucked again!” You tell one of the players to lie down and you get on top of him. You shove his cock in your ass, moaning in ecstasy. “Got more holes for you boys!” you cry out with a hungry look on your face. Two players come at you — one goes in your pussy, the other in your mouth. You’ve had so many cocks in your holes they go in easily now.

Jennifer and Claudia are still sucking two cocks each, while being positioned for two more players for anal penetration. The two guys behind them high-five each other then shove their cocks up their asses.

“Oh fuck yes!” Claudia cries out.

“Wait! Not there! Ow God, don’t stop!” Jennifer screams.

They soon have cocks in their pussies too. You all cry out in ecstasy as the players fuck the three of you vigorously. The two players fucking your ass and pussy cum inside you. You can feel it flooding your depths and you love it. The players fucking Claudia and Jennifer blow their loads too.

“Oh that feels so good.” Claudia moans.

“Not inside me you bastard!” Jennifer screams.

There are three more players left to please. They get all three of you on your knees facing each other and put their cocks your asses again, ramming hard and fast. You thrust yourselves back and forth enjoying the hard ass pounding. You all lean forward kissing each other as much as you can.

The players are ready to cum so the three of get on your knees and start sucking their cocks. Claudia gets the first load in her mouth, then Jennifer, then you. You keep your mouth open so Claudia and Jennifer can spit their loads in your mouth. They kiss your still-open mouth and you swallow it all down. Your fellow sluts start kissing you and each other with such passion it’s hard to breathe. You stop to catch your breath and say, “Thanks for the help girls,” with a giggle.