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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

Your dad looks under the table and sees what happened. Before he can say anything you grab at his crotch. He calms down and looks up and continues dinner. You rub his growing bulge through his pants and your dad quietly moans as he takes a bite — he’s a bit more discreet than your brother. You unzip his pants and pull out his massive cock. You go to kiss the tip, at first licking the shaft down to up. Your dad smiles as he continues eating.

“Enjoying the food, Babe?” your mom asks your dad.

“I’m loving it dear,” your dad says, looking pleased as he looks at his wife.

“Emma honey, you okay down there?” your mom asks you, starting to look under the tablecloth.

“I’m fine just… playing a game.”

You keep sucking your dad’s dick slowly just for the pleasure of it. Your mother’s suspicions get the best of her and she looks under the table and sees what you’re doing. She’s sitting behind you so you don’t even notice her looking at you. She bites her lip a bit and looks at your father.

“Enjoying your game honey?” she asks with a horny grin on her face.

“Mmmhhhmmmm,” you reply with your dad’s cock still in your mouth.

You’re so into sucking that cock you don’t even notice your mom taking off her heels. She moves her foot underneath you and she starts rubbing her big up and down your pussy lips. You jump a little, releasing your dad’s cock from your mouth, and start stroking it. You look back and see your mother’s foot between your legs.

“What are you doing, Mom… Ooohhhh shit,” you say as you enjoy what’s she’s doing.

“Just play along sweetie,” she says with a playful tone as she pushes her foot in more.

“Oh God yes!”

You return to your dad’s cock with no hands just your mouth, moving back and forth on your dad’s cock and your mother’s foot. It’s driving you crazy. Your father can’t hold on much longer and your mom sees he about to explode. So she starts shaking her foot faster, causing you to take your mouth off his cock to moan. Your dad shoots his load all over your face while you scream, partly from the surprise facial but mostly from your mother’s toe wiggling inside you.

You sitting there under the table with cum all over your face. Your mom calls you over to her. You crawl over. Your mom is still sitting on her chair looking down on you with a smile like she just set you up for a joke. You, still on your knees with your butt on the ground, look up at your mom with sad puppy dog eyes.

“You did that on purpose,” you say with a sad pouty voice.

She giggles and nods as she puts her hands on your face. She brings your face closer and gives you a slow but passionate kiss on the lips.

“My beautiful girl, you got all messy.” She starts kissing and licking your dad’s cum off your face. “There you go, all clean now,” she says with a sorta-motherly tone.

“Thanks Mom,” you say, your face covered with spit.

“I think it’s my turn now right?” she says with her hands on your cheeks.