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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

Later that night you’re in your room waiting to see if you get any visitors. Your brother knocks on the door. You answer and he invites you to watch TV with him. You happily accept and follow your brother to the family room.

“What are we watching?”

“Game of Kings.”

His pick doesn’t surprise you at all, you both love that show, but it has a lot of sex in it. You’ve seen him adjust himself while watching it. It always gets him in the mood, which is fine by you. You sit on the couch with the blanket on you both. You start the show and lean in close to each other.

It doesn’t take long for the first sex scene. While still under the blanket, he puts his hand on your thigh, lightly rubbing it. You rest your head on his shoulders as he moves hands up above your pajama pants.

Then his fingers delve down underneath your panties, gently rubbing your pussy lips. Your breathing gets slightly heavier. He slips his finger between your pussy lips, then slowly slides his fingers in and out of you. Your breathing intensifies when your brother slides in another finger. You slap your hand against his chest as you moan. He starts moving faster and you hold him tighter as you’re about to cum. You cover your mouth to prevent discovery, shaking as you cum all over his fingers.

He brings his hand up to your lips and you suck your cum off his fingers while looking into his eyes. You kiss him gently on the lips, then without saying anything you go underneath the blanket, undo his pants, then pull his pants and boxers down. You stroke his cock slowly at first, kissing the head and licking his shaft up and down. Then you put it in your mouth, sucking his cock like you love nothing else. Your brother puts his hands on your head still under the blanket.

He pulls up the blanket to look at you, and you look up at him with his cock in your mouth.

“Get up here,” he commands.

You almost jump up, then drop your pants and panties in one movement. You climb on top of him, grab his cock and slide him inside of you. You exhale in pleasure with your hands on his face then bring his face to yours to kiss him as you thrust your hips against him. You lean back, bouncing up and down, and he grabs your breasts in both hands. You lock hands as he starts pounding you faster. It’s hard for you to stay quiet.

Then you hear something faint. You look towards the hallway and you see your parents hiding there, watching as they fuck each other. You can only see them partially because they’re mostly in the hallway.

“What… you see someone?” He starts to turn his head.

“No it’s okay.” You turn his head back to kiss him.

You look straight in his eyes as you fuck him. You kiss him passionately, your tongues twisting vigorously. You hold him close so you can look at your parents. They’re still watching, still fucking. You see your mother shaking and your father has his hands over her mouth as she cums. Watching her cum turns you on, so you move more aggressively.

“Oh God yes!” You reach your breaking point and cum.

“Sshhhh,” your brother whispers.

Your brother and father reach their boiling point simultaneously. You see your father hold your mom tightly as he cums inside her, then you stare into your brother’s eyes.

“Cum inside me please.”

You don’t separate as he pumps you faster, then he grunts as he shoots his load straight into you.

“Oh wow that was great,” you tell him as you’er kissing him.

You look up and your parents are gone. You sit back down on the couch then you realize you missed the entire episode.