Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

The three of you get up and head for the showers to get cleaned up. You all shower together, washing all the sweat and sperm off each other. Claudia starts washing your pussy. You start to moan but you try to move her hand away. “Not right now — I’m still exhausted, I just fucked, like, seven soccer players.”

“And we each fucked two soccer players,” Claudia complains.

“Dan wouldn’t want to hear you’re not cooperative, would he?” Jennifer politely threatens.

You sigh as Claudia and Jennifer start to fondle you. Jennifer turns you to face her and pushes you on your knees, shoving your mouth into her cunt. You lick it and finger it with great enthusiasm.

“Hey Claudia, my locker should still be unlocked — grab what’s inside and bring them both here,” Jennifer commands.

Claudia runs to Jennifer’s locker while you continue satisfying Jennifer’s wet pussy. Claudia comes back with two strap-on dildos, and she puts one on quickly.

“Suck that cock, whore!” Jennifer commands as she shoves you over.

“Okay Jennifer.”

Jennifer grabs you by the chin, squeezing your mouth. “That’s Mistress, bitch!”

“Yes Mistress,” you say with a lowered head.

You proceed to suck Claudia’s cock, while Jennifer puts on the other one. Jennifer spits on it, strokes it, then starts to put it in your ass.

“Please Mistress, not my ass, it’s still sore,” you beg.

She slaps your ass hard, making you flinch. She pulls you up by your hair than whispers in your ear.“Then you should still be loose then.” She bites and sucks your earlobe while stroking her cock again, then slowly pushes her cock in your ass. You close your eyes and breathe deeply as it goes deeper. You return to sucking Claudia’s cock while fingering her pussy.

“I want some of that ass too,” Claudia yells.

Jennifer smiles and pulls out of you while Claudia lies down. You sit on her cock in reverse cowgirl position, guiding it into your ass. You ride it up and down, back and forth. Jennifer shoves her cock in your mouth roughly.

“Taste your ass, whore!”

“Yes Mistress, I love the taste of my ass!”

Claudia pounds you as hard as she can as you start rubbing your clit.

“Mistress, please fuck my pussy — I want two cocks in me!” you beg.

Jennifer thinks about it, just to tease you. She gets down and shoves it hard and deep in your pussy. They fuck you hard and fast until you can’t take it anymore. You scream as the biggest orgasm goes through your entire body like electricity. You drop to the bottom of the shower, barely able to move.

Then the bell rings.