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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

It’s been a week since you and your family all had sex with each other, but you’ve had sex with each member of your family individually. You fucked your brother in the shower one morning, your father in the back of his truck after he got home, your mom in your room before sleep — you love it all. The best is Family Fuck Night, when you all get together and fuck each other’s brains out.

Your dad and your brother wait downstairs. You and your mother walk down the stairs wearing the sexiest lingerie they had at the clothing store. You had to fuck the store clerk or she wouldn’t have given you a discount. You two walk seductively towards them. Your mother goes to your brother and you go to your dad.

You kiss each other passionately with your hands all over each other. You start rubbing his cock through his pants and he gropes your breast as the two of you kiss. Your brother is rubbing his fingers through your mom’s pussy lips. She pulls out his cock and starts stroking it.

Your dad picks you up on his shoulders with your pussy in his face, his hands on your hands, holding you up while enthusiastically licking your pussy. You’re holding his head, not just to hold your balance but to keep him there. You start to shake and you think you might fall, but your dad pushes you against the wall to hold you up. It hurts but it makes it more intense. You scream, pressed flat against the wall as he licks and rubs you into an orgasm.

He brings you down carefully and you see your mom on her knees sucking your brother’s cock. You lie on your back positioned underneath your mother and starts fingering her ass while you lick her out. Your dad raises your legs and shoves his cock in your pussy. Your mother starts to quiver and then she squirts all over your face. You swallow her juices.

“Give me that pussy!” your brother commands your mother.

She turns around, still on top of you, and your brother shoves his cock in her ass while you lick his dick as it goes in. Your dad is still fucking your pussy, pushing you in and out of your mother’s crotch. You dad pulls out and your mom leans forward and puts his cock in her mouth, tasting your pussy juice. Your dad starts rubbing his cock in your ass just at the entrance.

“Put it in Daddy, please!” you plead.

He shoves it in all the way. You try not to pull away from your mother’s delicious pussy but you can’t help it. Your mom shoves two fingers in your pussy while your dad fucks your ass.

Your brother cums first in your mom’s ass. It drips down in your mouth and you put your lips on her ass, sucking the cum out and swallowing as you drink it. Your dad cums in you too and your mom sucks the cum out of you, swallowing it all.

You all lie together in each other’s arms. You want to do this every week. You love fucking your family individually but nothing beats fucking them together. This will go on forever.

The End