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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil ...)

As you take off your top and bra you tell them.

“One hundred for one of you.”

“Two hundred for three of you.”

“Five hundred for six of you.”

“Thousand dollars for all of you.”

They look at each other and they all want a piece of you. They go to their bags and each pull out money and give it to your grandma.

“You want me to wait sweetie, or pick you up later?” your Grandma asks sweetly.

“No, I’ll call if I need a ride,” you answer, as if you’re being dropped off at the mall.

One of the players speaks.“You wanna go somewhere more private”?

“I was thinking right here.” You lift your skirt, showing that you’re not wearing any panties and your pussy is cleanly shaved.

They have no problem with that. They lay down a blanket on the grass and you get on your knees as they surround you with their cocks out. You get to work sucking and stroking those cocks. You try to get to everyone, with one in the mouth and one in each hand. This goes on for a while, then one of the players says, “I’m gonna fuck that pussy now.”

“Lie down then.”

He lies down and you climb on top of him, guiding his cock in your pussy. You moan as you ride him slowly at first. You take a cock your mouth and your hands. They rotate you amongst them and fuck you hard.

As you’re getting close to a climax a player shoves his cock in your ass.

“Owwww Fuuuckkk!” you scream as that pushes you over the edge. You push yourself hard back and forth onto those cocks in you. As you recover from your orgasm you get a cock back in your mouth.

This goes on for what seems like hours while they rotate themselves every now and then, making sure everyone gets a turn at each of your holes. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve cum, you’ve tasted your ass and pussy on every cock there.

It’s time for them to finish so they surround you stroking their cocks. You push up your breasts while licking your lips.

“Come on boys let me have it,” you say, craving their cum.

One by one they shoot their cum on you, your face, hair, chest and stomach. You are completely covered in cum. You lick your lips and taste it.

Now should you call for a ride, or walk?