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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

You walk into the classroom to head of the class. You stand there for a moment and spy your Master Dan and Mistress Jennifer sitting in the back smiling. There are eight boys and five girls in the classroom.

You take off your shirt and lift your skirt. “I want to fuck you all,” you state with little emotion.

They all get up and move their desks to the side. Your Master Dan is first to approach you with one hand on your breast and the other on your cheek. Mistress Jennifer comes to the other side of you with one hand sliding up your thigh and the other going through your hair.

One of the girls gets on her knees to taste your pussy, which grows wet. Your Master and Mistress leave your side to sit back and watch as the rest of the class starts to get more aggressive with you.

You lie back while the girl eats your pussy. Two boys approach each side of you with their cocks out. You start sucking and stroking them, switching from one to the other. The girl starts fingering your ass while licking up and down your pussy lips. You’re moaning while stroking cocks in each hand. As she brings you closer to climax your hand speed increases.

You scream as you cum, then the boys cum simultaneously on your face. You use your fingers to wipe the cum off your face, sucking them clean as you do. The girl sits on your face facing down and you feel a hard cock going into your pussy. As you’re getting fucked you rub the girl’s clit and shove your tongue in her. She starts to grind on your face, pulling your face into her. She shivers as she cums in your mouth and you drink it all down.

She gets up and a boy gets down and shoves his cock your mouth. You lick around his cock in your mouth and rub your clit while you’re being fucked. The boy in your pussy pushes harder, tenses, then shoots his load in you.

You look up you see your Mistress and Master pleasuring each other with their hands as they watch. This makes you feel good since you want to please them. You get the boy you’re blowing to lie down and you sit on his cock in the cowgirl position. A boy takes this opportunity to shove his cock in your ass. You take a deep breath as you feel it penetrate you.

A girl shoves her pussy on your face and you rock yourself back and forth between two cocks. You lick that pussy up and down with your thumb massaging her clit. You hear her moaning with your face still buried in her. You break off her for air as she squirts on your face.

Another girl lies down and you climb off the boys and sit on her face, then lean down and start eating her pussy too. You feel a cock going in your ass. You continue to eat out the girl under you as your ass is fucked mercilessly. The boy cums in your ass then pulls out, leaving you gaping. As the cum drips out you hear the girl moaning and slurping as she licks your ass clean. You shove three fingers in her pussy and one in her ass. As you move your fingers in and out faster and faster, you bring her to the most aggressive orgasm of her life.

You get up and notice that Dan and Jennifer have started having sex slowly while still watching you. Of course this makes you even hotter. You get on your knees and beg for more cock.

There’s three more boys and three more girls left. You get between two boys on the ground and take one in your ass and the other in your pussy, while eating out another girl’s pussy.

After you’ve fucked the rest of the class you sit there on the ground, looking up at Master Dan and Mistress Jennifer.

“I did good?”

“Yes you did,” says Dan.

And this will be your life now. You will do nothing but try to please your Master and Mistress. They eventually open up their own brothel and you are their main girl. As long as they’re happy you’re happy.

The End