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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Amberkek...)

You knew that with your erotic scent it would only be a matter of time before the primal instincts would take over. Your dad has held himself back for too long. The sight of you with his cock in your hands is too much for him. With one quick move he pushes you to the floor. His thick cock is pulsing with excitement as he rips your pants off.

“Dad, we shouldn’t be doing this,” you say unconvincingly, your young pussy wet at the thought of your dad violating you.

Your dad ignores you. Satisfied your pants are gone, he rubs the tip of his cock up and down your slit, making you moan. His cock is so big you bite your lip, knowing you want this more than anything.

“Dad wait!” you yell, suddenly realizing. “I’m not on the pill, my period was fourteen days ago. We need to use a…”

Your sentence was is off by the sensation of your dad slipping the head of his cock into you. You cry out in pleasure as he slowly enters you completely. Your tight walls grasp every inch of him.

“Fuck Emma… you feel so good,” your dad groans. His cock is already releasing pre-cum into your unprotected pussy. He wastes no time, fucking you hard and fast from the start.

“Wish I had done this years ago when you came of age,” he grunts in between thrusts. “You’re mine, I’m going to fuck you everyday whenever I want. You were made for my cock!”

You feel a mixture of shock and excitement at his words. You’ve never seen your dad this aggressive before. Every thrust is making your pussy is aching for more every time he pulls back. You know this is wrong but your lousy ex Dan never made you feel like this! You don’t care that your mother and brother are in the house, all you can focus on is your dad’s powerful cock doing what it was made to do.

Your dad’s thrusts are becoming harder and faster each time. You know it won’t be long before he reaches his limit.

“Dad don’t cum inside!” you cry in a last attempt to stop this from getting past the point of no return, even though your deepest primal desire wants this. You want your dad to shoot every last drop inside of you. The thought of his sperm invading your unprotected young fertile womb excites you more than you can say.

“You’re mine, Emma!” he yells “I’m going to cum inside you as I please young lady. Your mother never wanted any more children, now you’re going to give them to me!”

His cock is diving in and out of you faster than before, reaching your cervix. With a big groan he releases his sperm deep inside your eagerly-awaiting womb. You cry out in pleasure as you feel his warm liquid fill you up so much it’s already leaking out.

You look up to your dad who has a big grin on his face. “Fuck that felt good, now let’s take you to your room…”