Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by sexyschmexy...)

At that moment, you pass out.

When you wake up, the first thing you notice is that you’re in Mister Perkins’ bedroom. And you’re tied down to the bed, each limb tied to a bedpost. And you’re naked. With a dildo in your pussy.

“I’m sorry, dear-” Mister Perkins comes in, holding a gag (that you eye warily) that he sets down on the bedside table. “But I had to tie you down. I think that if you had woken up you would have run away, and we don’t want that!”

“Well, what the hell do you want then? And why is there a dildo in my pussy?”

“Mind your language, young lady! I have decided that you’re too sexy for anyone else and that you deserve becoming my sex toy. And there is a dildo in your pussy because I want you to be constantly aroused.”

“Well it’s working, so please can you take it out?”

“Oh, no…”

Mister Perkins climbs onto the bed, and stuffs a gag into your mouth, stopping you from (as you just thought of) screaming for help.

Mister Perkins, who is also naked, as we forgot to mention, first takes out the dildo and then puts it in your ass. Then he positions himself at your pussy.

With a squelch, he rams his cock into your pussy, and immediately starts fucking you again, making you moan into the gag. He slams in and out of you faster and faster, and you can feel an orgasm coming on, for you and for him.

As he reached his climax, his cock pumping into you, you reach yours, and together you cum, screaming out each other’s names.

Mister Perkins stayed inside you, and together you fall asleep.

The next morning you wake up and Mister Perkins is gone again, but you’re still strapped to the bed, naked, except now you have a vibrator in your pussy, the dildo still in your ass, and nipple clamps on your nipples. At least the gag is out.

Mister Perkins enters the room, with some bread and a glass of water.

“Food time, little Emma!” he says brightly, sitting down on the bed next to you.

At that moment you realize that you’re starving, so when the old man offers to feed you some bread, you accept, literally eating out of his hand.

After you finish eating, you look at Mister Perkins. To be honest, he’s not bad looking for his age, but maybe it’s just you being aroused that makes you think you wouldn’t mind fucking him again and again.

“When are you going to let me go?”

A silence fills the room, until he finally answers.

“Oh, I don’t think I will. You see, I’m so lonely and horny all the time, so I think I’ll keep you. I’ll feed you, and when you need to go to the toilet I’ll get a bowl. Also, I will fuck you every day, so hopefully you’ll become pregnant with our child! I think every woman should only be pregnant. And I’ll also get a pastor so we can get married! Oh what a wonderful, sex-filled life we’ll have together! Of course I’ll also try loads of new things, and you’ll have to stay tied down, unless of course you agree to stay here forever and be my sex toy… but no, I’m not letting you go.”

From this moment on, you are Mister Perkins’ sex slave/toy and he fucks you multiple times a day. Soon you are pregnant with your first child. Sometimes Mister Perkins even invites his old friends from bingo over and they have an orgy.

While you miss your old life, you start to fall in love with Mister Perkins. Even if he did free you, you would stay with him.