Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Giantdevil...)

Your mother slides down her pants, then her sexy panties. She now sits on the ground in front of you with her trimmed pussy right in front of your face. You hesitate then your dad gives you a hard thrust.


“Come on Emma, don’t keep your mother waiting,” your father commands as he fucks your ass.

You start massaging your mother’s clit then slowly lick up and down her pussy lips. You hear her moaning — she’s obviously enjoying it. You insert two fingers in her wet pussy while still licking her clit.

You feel your dad’s hands on your hips he starts to push his cock in deeper in your ass. You take your mouth off your mother’s pussy, your mouth and eyes wide open. You’re trying not to scream as he pushes it all the way in. He moves his hands to your shoulders, pulling you so you can’t pull away.


Your mother grabs the top of your head and shoves your face back into her pussy. You lick the inside of her pussy lips like there’s no tomorrow. Your dad is fucking your ass in deep long thrusts and you can barely take it. Your mom starts grinding her pussy on your face, then she begins to shake.

“OH GOD HONEY I’M CUMMING!” she yells as she squirts all over your face.

“What’s all the yelling about?” Your brother has walked into the room.

“Wow, Emma, you bad girl.”

He walks closer to you as your mother is getting up and going to the couch. He sees your dad is balls-deep in your ass.

“So Emma, you want to suck my dick or do you want me in your pussy too?”